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so you want to be an international speaker?

Here's the number one question I get asked about my speaking ministry...

Get access to my 45-minute SpeakerHers Boot Camp III Webinar

$97 (REG. $199.99) | CND

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"In 2019, PreachSis, my annual event and movement garnered international traction and by the summer of that same year God opened the door for my speaking event to go to Atlanta GA! Since then my inbox has been filled with messages from female speakers wanting to know, 'HOW did you do it?!'

I'm pouring all the BTS into a 45-minute webinar."


$97 (REG. $199.99) | CND

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hear first hand from past attendees

 I just attended the SpeakHers Bootcamp with Nicole O. Salmon and it was information that I could use immediately. What I love about her presentation style is that she is relatable.  Every speaker needs to attend.

It was simply divine! Madame Nicole has a natural gift to connect the Word of God, entrepreneurship and public speaking in a way that is comprehensible across the board.

From mastering an area of expertise to contract negotiation, I gained more than I could have asked for! I highly recommend the SpeakHers Bootcamp for the hidden speaker within you that needs a little spiritual push and an O.G *(original genius) mentor to provide valuable knowledge and wisdom in your journey.

What I love about her presentation style is that it is clear, very practical, and packed with value. It gave me clarity on how to start. Definitely showed me what’s possible as a paid full time speaker. Every speaker needs to attend. 


Just finished the webinar and the content was excellent.  Thanks Nicole for taking the time to share with female communicators.

Nicole always over delivers. I definitely got more than I paid for.

$97 (REG. $199.99) | CND

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here's what you can

expect to learn:

Copy of Blue Photo Father Dad Appreciati


$97 (REG. $199.99) | CND

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Register today and you'll also 

SECURE Your bonus:

speakher tech + travel hacks tutorial

Ever jokingly ask for someone to pack you in their suitcase? Well let's go! I'm taking you into my suitcase, closet, and tote bag and sharing all the goodies that help me pack light, on a budget, stay cute lol, and be my own tech team when I travel to speak.

Fashionable Travelling Woman

$97 (REG. $199.99) | CND

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I couldn't let you leave this page without asking,  did you miss part 1 of my speakHers series?  7 tools every speakher should have in her toolkit?

meet the host:

Minister + the purpose coach

nicole o. salmon

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