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Life has taken you in many directions.

Now it's time to return to 

Your Core!

The Core Edge Philosophy


Your star quality can be found at your core:
In every person there are intentional seeds planted (gifts, abilities, temperament, characteristics, and a touch of the divine). It is the cutting of life's experiences that reveal them, and it is in the cultivating of the seeds that we  experience growth.


The further you are from your core, the more tension you will experience:
We are uniquely knit together. When we intentionally, or via challenging moments begin to drift from our core, it creates a painful stretching that begins to impact seemingly unrelated areas of our life (love, work, family, health etc).  

The  closer you  remain to your core, the stronger brand you will build:
Your brand is what distinguishes you from everyone else, and aims to have a lasting impression (impact and legacy). Your strongest point of influence, impact, personal peace, and peace with God is experienced and activated when we are true to our core. This strength-based approach to life is the catalyst to consistent and authentic living.

Contextual Coaching Definition of the Term CORE:
Our unique God-design through which we experience God and the the world. The DNA (divine, natural, aptitude) that enables us to succeed. The place where our whole self is seated and meets with God for intimacy, transformation, and direction.

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