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“Sometimes, all you need to move forward is accountability”.
You're ready to get working together, so let' jump on a call and get the process started. BOOK NOW!
You don't have to be down and out to need a coach.  In fact, most successful people have several! Working with me means you are ready to get serious about what's in front of you. That could be moving through a major life change, healing a relationship, becoming a power house at work, or stepping out into ministry. Our generation is missing out on the power of good 'ole fashion community and accountability.  God NEVER intended for you to do life alone.  
Working with me as your coach and mentor will provide you with: 
A safe space to dream and think out loud 
A birds-eye view of what's working and what needs to go!
A realistic and personalized blueprint to get you moving NOW
Weekly challenges to stir you out of your comfort zone
You can achieve many things alone. Greatness is not one of them.




Stuck? Unhappy? Need clarity on your next steps? Whether you're in need of support, or require support with what you're already doing, greatness is never achieved in isolation. 

Let's work together to help you gain some clarity and develop the tools to get you moving in a purposeful direction and avoid your usual pot holes. To learn more and see if we're a match, BOOK your free Discovery call today!

You can spark innovation and ideation right from the comfort of your home. If you live outside of the Greater Toronto Area I’m just a few clicks and a solid internet connection away. Now I know you might be thinking, it’s just not the same. But technology now affords us the ability to work out with a trainer in Dubai, and yes, be EFFECTIVELY mentored by moi, online. So what are you waiting for? Let me prove it with a FREE 
-minute online meet-up

Still have questions? I'd be happy to answer them.  Shoot me an email at

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