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3 Simple Ways to Find Your Sparkle

Photo Credit: Lovely Pair

Sparkle. You've heard it referred to in many ways, it-factor, pizzazz, sweet spot, swag. The whole world is looking for it. We pack conferences hungry to hear something that will point us to it. Purchase volumes of books hoping to unlock the science behind it. What ever you call "it", you know it when you see it. More importantly, you know it when you FEEL it. We've all been wired with a unique God-given design. But yours my friend, bends in a way that has your DNA (divine, natural, abilities) flowing all up and through it. If it makes you light up and gives light to others, it's not a bright idea, it's your sparkle!

Here are 3 things you need to look for to find your sparkle:

1. A change in your posture. No, seriously. Pay attention to to your conversations. What topics, issues, or content causes you to go from slouching in disinterest, to sitting up at a 90 degree angel.

2. A spike in your energy level. You could be coffin ready, but when someone starts a conversation, or makes a requests that requires your sparkle giftings on top of your ever piling list of things to do, you come to life!

3. You make it look easy. Have you heard this before, "I don't know how you do that"? I'm not talking about that weird trick you do with your ears. What has God graced you to do that terrifies, frustrates, and requires days for others to accomplish, but is simple to you because of His grace.

My Shortbread Blog is my sparkle. I hope it sheds some light and helps to make your path clear.

Your Leadership & Lifestyle Coach,

Nicole O. Salmon

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