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powerful lessons in finishing strong

Do you treat December as a finish line?


Does your year-end leave you feeling unsure of what you've accomplished for the year?

Do you have intentional practices in places for finishing your year strong?


Your coaching sessions, podcasts, booklist, sermons, and planners are only as good as your habits.

In my finale masterclass of the year I'm sharing 7 year-end habits purpose driven women live by to finish strong.

my 45-minute mini course is available to you free for the holidays!

you can join me on one of three dates:

Friday December 9th @ 12pm OR Saturday December 10th @ 10am OR Sunday December 11th @ 8pm

finale masterclass.jpg

did you know?


The unconscious processing abilities of the human brain are estimated at roughly 11 million pieces of information per second. (Forbes 2013)


That's a lot of information!


But if that information is not being applied, well, in his epistle, James sums it up best:

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the year end finale you don't want to miss!

Get access to my 45-minute Masterclass NOW!

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meet your facilitator:

Minister + the purpose coach

nicole o. salmon

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