A 5-Day devotional for

Leading & Living Authentically

Digital eBook | List Price: $ 9.97 CND

Have you ever felt the pressure to fit into everyone’s neat little box?


 Do you battle with insecurities and feelings of not being enough?


Are you struggling to find your voice and place of impact in the world?


STAND is a 5-day devotional designed to take you on a self-reflective journey to living a life of authenticity, through God’s Word.

I've provided you with a 5-day reflective detox from the overwhelming pressure to conform, compromise, and fit in.



“I am not like anyone else, and I’ve grown to love that about myself. I’m not perfect. And the best part is, God can handle my imperfections

When I decided to stand and live out even my broken and imperfect pieces, my life was transformed, and it began to transform the lives of those around me, too.”


This 5-day devotional will help you to:


Open up about your insecurities
Simplify your understanding of what it means to be your authentic self


Reaffirm your uniqueness and abilities


Renew your commitment to work with, and in, God’s timing


Provoke assertiveness and a personal call to take action

No more sitting on the side lines. It's time for you to STAND!

ready to start your journey?

Digital eBook | List Price: $ 9.97 CND


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Digital eBook | List Price: $ 9.97 CND


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