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LIVE in-person luxury

calendar planning experience

Let's create a Blueprint for your Purpose Driven life

in luxury...


The LIVE in-person workshop will be recorded and shared via live streaming.

(Scroll to the bottom for Frequently asked questions)

This year's 2021 Calendar Planning Workshop will be hosted at a private location in The Greater Toronto Area (location details to be confirmed following registration). A luxury in-door picnic table-scape, complete with a personal charcuterie box and bottled water while you plan.


Your registration also includes a keepsake Planner's Workbook and 7-day access to the replay

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How did you do this year?

Do you struggle with staying on top of things?

Do you often have great ideas, but then the year ends and you haven't fulfilled them?

Could you use some practical tips and strategies for better planning and execution?

Don't just dream of the year you want... let's PLAN for it!


I'll be teaching you my personal planning system that I use to stay aligned with my purpose + sync my ministry, personal and family life without chaos + being overwhelmed. 

the pray plan slay experience

It's not just another goal setting workshop

Get access to my 2-hour LIVE workshop today

my story

Sis, I was "winning". Fulltime salaried leadership position with benefits in my field, beautiful home, single mom and killing it, leading in ministry at my church, working on my first book... and they said,


"ma'am, we would like to send an ambulance for you."

I was doing some pretty amazing things, all at the same time. My heart experienced a cardiac episode and I learned real quick that I had to do 3 things:

Become a better steward of my time

Say no to the right things

Prioritize what matters + live by a purpose driven plan

I created a Spirit-led planning system, really a lifestyle, and you know what?


I got MORE done!

You can have it all, just not at the same time.



Now I'm teaching it to you in my 2-hour virtual

Calendar Planning Workshop


hear first hand from past attendees

A workshop where you actually work!

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Copy of FAQ 2020 Calendar Plannning (1).
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meet the host:

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